Hi, I'm Kasey

What's my Story?

Hi, I’m Kasey! A fine-art, wedding & portrait photographer based in Central Illinois, with a special love for relationships, true connections, and a passion to document your story, wherever  that may be. I am a lover of laughter, and making situations feel comfortable and fun. I feel this brings out the best version of people. The real version. I feel that embodies my work and personal style I seek to express. I want you to walk away with an experience to remember. Stiff, super posed images are not my jam!

So how did my interest in photography begin, you ask? Most definitely through my mom’s influence, who had her own small photography business for many years. I enjoyed tagging along and watching her create art for many grateful clients. We even had a little darkroom in our house, which made for many hours of curiosity and learning. After high school, I went on to take various photography and art classes at Illinois Central College and my love and passion for both haven’t stopped growing. I’ve been blessed to be able to participate in workshops across the country to inspire my soul and create an even better experience for my clients. I adore the relationships I have formed because of this creative outlet God has blessed me with, and always look forward to crossing paths with some amazing humans!

You probably also want to know some of the nitty gritty details that make up the exciting life I lead, said in true sarcastic fashion, if so then read on. ;)

  • Coffee over water, any day.
  • Being outside & basking in the sunshine is my joy. Can I get an amen?
  •  I’m pretty sarcastic at times. Totally in a good way though.
  •  My hubby is my biggest supporter. He loves and encourages so well. I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else.
  •  I hate wearing socks. I loathe them really. Call me crazy.
  • Thankful for God’s grace & mercy.
  •  I love to travel. My hubby, not so much. We are learning to compromise.
  • I was that bratty kid in the family photograph. Kind of ironic, eh?
  •  Without music or Netflix, I most likely would not get a single thing done on my to-do list.
  •  Aside from my obvious career choice, my alternate dream job: travel agent. Refer back to line 7.
  •  Comfy pair of yogas, t-shirt & my trusty Converse sneaks over getting dressed up.
  •  Time with family and friends are some of my favorite. You can’t get that back.
  • Chapstick over lipstick, duh.
  • I enjoy food. Pretty much any and all kinds. It’s a good thing I enjoy running as well. Most of the time. Unless I’m hungry.